Vadászfai Pergő

Minor Puppy World Winner,

Minor Puppy BEST


Vadászfai Avar

Res.CAC Veterán Class


Vadászfai Góbé

Champion class

Excellent 1. CAC,

World Winner, BOB


Vadászfai Ékes

Working Class

Excellent III.


Vadászfai Szirom

Working Class

Excellent IV.



Inter Champions

 World and European

Field trial results

 Lóci and his Progeny

 Samu and his Progeny

Csozé and Csendes and their Progenies

 Kozák and his Progeny

Vezér and his Progeny

Zenit and his Progeny

Remek and his Progeny

Góbé and his progeny

Fricska and his progeny

Vásott and his progeny



The Hungarian Vizsla - no matter what anybody says -
is a beautiful, intelligent, 
all-round gundog!

My name is Katalin Varga, stockbreeder engineer with university degree, the grounder and owner of kennel Vadászfai.

I got my first Hungarian Vizsla 1973 as a gift from my parents. She was from kennel Zsabófai, owner Lászlóné Páczay. Aunty Irén kept very close contact with all of those who had dogs from her and we, the owners, became good friends too. I became deeply effected and influenced by the time we spent together and I became totally devoted to the breed.

In 1976 I had my first litter, sire Mátai Lurkó, dame Zsabófai Fátyolka Léda.

With Léda I not only went to shows but also to hunting and there I experienced what a wonderful working dog the Hungarian Vizsla is. They are always ready to act, they have an extreamly high working capacity and show tremendous love to their owners. Those are the reasons I love this breed for and became deeply involved in the breeding.

The results of these last 30 years: 5 x gold awarded master of breeder, 15 International Champions, 1 International Working Champion, 11 Grand Champions, and many Hungarian Champions.

Further results:

World Winner Vadászfai Góbé

World Winner Minor puppy Vadászfai Pergô

Junior Europe Winner Vadászfai Emlék "Zsófi"

Junior Europe Winner Vadászfai Kacér

Europe Winner Vadászfai Kökény "Kalász"

Puppy Europe Winner Vadászfai Saci

There are dogs from my kennel in America (USA, California, Canada, North Carolina) Switzerland, Slovakia, Syria, Germany, Bolivia, Italy, Serbia, France, Poland, Greece, Austria, Shouth Africa, Finland, Spain, Thailand, Belgium, Venezuela, Netherland, Potugal, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Japan, Denmark, New Zeeland, where they have became Champions and got other titles too.

First time we had a breeder's group was in 1997 in Nagykanizsa and we won the best breeder's group. Later we won several times with our groups. In 1998 in Budapest we got the second place of the Breeding's Superprize.

My greatest joy is that in 2003 we succeeded to win even the first prize of the Breeding's Superprize.
I believe that the Hungarian Vizsla is first of all a hunting dog, and that rules my breeding program. It is extreamely important that they have steady temperament, wellbuild body, excellent working capacity, beautiful head and the intelligent look of the eyes, the most important feature of the Hungarian Vizsla.

Most of my dogs have the original, light yellow colour.

It is extreamely important, that my Vizslas are sound and healthy. That's the reason that I, since 1989, only use dogs whos hips are X-rayed and got free hips in my breeding.